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Travel to Work and Other Purposes: a data cube column

Statistics on what mode of transport (walking, cycling, car, bus, train) people usually use to get to work and education, purposes of journeys made by Scottish people.


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September 2021

Detailed statistics on what mode of transport people usually use to get to work and education, as well as the percentage of total journeys which people make for a given purpose and children's mode of travel to school (from the Scottish Household Survey). These estimates are from the Scottish Household Survey Travel Diary, which asks adult respondents about all the journeys which they made the previous day, as well as information about the mode, purpose, duration and length of these journeys. The proportion of people who travel to work by public or active travel is a National Indicator in the Scotland Performs framework. Estimates from the Scottish Household Survey are updated annually in Transport and Travel in Scotland. SHS estimates are National Statistics and provide figures which are representative of households and individuals in Scotland annually. The SHS has an annual sample size of around 10,000 individuals and, since 2012, has operated with a fully unclustered sample design.


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