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Temporary Accommodation Statistics: a data cube spreadsheet

These figures show a snapshot figure of the number of households in Temporary Accommodation per local authority at 31st March each year.

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Homeless applicants may be placed in temporary accommodation while the Local Authority assesses their application or while awaiting the offer of a permanent let.

The figures on households in temporary accommodation relate to households which have been placed in temporary accommodation by a Local Authority under the Homeless Persons legislation. This will include households for whom the Local Authority’s decision and final action is still pending, as well as households which were secured such accommodation as a final action by the authority under the legislation. The data provide a snapshot picture of the numbers in temporary accommodation as at the last day in each quarter and are collected in the summary HL2 return.

Confidentiality Policy

All disclosive figures are rounded to 5.

Quality Management

The quality of these figures depends critically on the quality and consistency of the information supplied to us by Local Authorities on the HL1 and HL2 returns. The quality statement on the Scottish homelessness statistics website sets out the ways in which we do this. The main focus of our systems is to ensure consistency between the HL1 and HL2 returns and consistency of the case level information within each HL1 return.

Accuracy and Reliability

Given the continuous nature of the recording system, figures are updated on an ongoing basis and may differ from those previously published. There may be delays in some cases being reported to the Scottish Government due to IT issues, quality assurance processes and delayed entry of data – particularly at the end of the financial year.

Coherence and Comparability

HL2 Figures provide a snapshot number of households in Temporary Accommodation. This should not be mistaken for the total number of households in temporary accommodation over a given financial year.

Accessibility and Clarity

Operation of the Homelessness Persons Legislation in Scotland is available on the Scottish Government website at Tables included in the bulletin are also available to download from website in Excel. The publication is available as a web page and in PDF formats.


Operation of the Homelessness Persons Legislation in Scotland is used to monitor trends in homelessness and to provide information on the implementation and effectiveness of Scottish homelessness legislation. Crucially, this statistical output is used to monitor the implementation of the Scottish Government’s 2012 homelessness target. That is, by 31st December 2012, the priority need test should be abolished.

The Homelessness Statistics User Group meets twice yearly and is consulted on to ensure that Operation of the Homelessness Persons Legislation in Scotland remain relevant to users and make best use of the available data.

Timeliness and Punctuality

Operation of the Homelessness Persons Legislation in Scotland is published around five months after the end of the relevant period. Data gathering and error correction errors from all local authorities usually takes around 3 months to complete. The report production timetable takes a further month. There is one month extra in the timetable as a contingency against staff illness and unforeseen circumstances:

• Annual data for 1 April to 31 March are published in June.


Our approach to revisions and corrections is set out in detail on the Scottish homelessness statistics website. In summary, published statistics are generally revised when the figures next appear in any publication. However, if a revision is significant resulting in a major change to the published figures a note showing the revisions will be published as soon as possible on the homelessness statistics website.


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