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Regional Domestic Tourism: a data cube slice

Domestic tourism statistics by region and year. All figures come from the Great Britain Tourism Survey (GBTS) and represent 3-year annual averages due to small sample sizes on regional level.

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Breakdown Of Domestic Tourism
  1. Expenditure
  2. Nights
  3. Visits
Measure Type
  1. Count
Reference Period
  1. 2009-2011
  2. 2010-2012
  3. 2011-2013
  4. 2012-2014
  5. 2013-2015
  6. 2014-2016
  7. 2015-2017
  8. 2016-2018
  9. 2017-2019
Region Of Residence
  1. All of GB
  2. England
  3. Scotland
Reference Area
(showing types of area available in these data)
  1. Countries
  2. Council Areas
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About the Dataset
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September 2021

The Great Britain Tourism Survey (GBTS) provides visitor figures for residents of Scotland, England and Wales. The survey is conducted through face-to-face interviews and is jointly commissioned by VisitScotland, VisitEngland and VisitWales. Welsh data is not presented here, due to small sample sizes. More information about the survey can be found on the VisitScotland web page.

Confidentiality Policy

This data contains no sensitive, personal information.

Quality Management

The information contained in this report has been published in good faith on the basis of information supplied to VisitEngland, VisitScotland and Visit Wales. VisitEngland, VisitScotland and Visit Wales cannot guarantee the accuracy of information in this report and accept no responsibility for any error or misrepresentation. All liability for loss, disappointment, negligence or other damage caused by reliance on the information contained in this report or for any other reason is hereby excluded.

This is a National Statistics Publication. National Statistics status means that the official statistics meet the highest standards of trustworthiness, quality and public value. They comply with the Code of Practice for statistics and are awarded National Statistics status following an assessment by the UK Statistics Authority’s regulatory arm. The Authority considers whether the statistics meet the highest standards of Code compliance, including the value they add to public decisions and debate.

Find out more about the Code of Practice.

Find out more about National Statistics.

Accuracy and Reliability

While results from these surveys can give good precision at a national level, at regional level the results can be less reliable. This is because data at regional level can be based on a relatively small sample size. This incurs a larger margin of statistical error reducing data reliability. Therefore results should be treated with caution. To reduce error margins, 3-year average figures have been calculated to provide a larger sample size. It is good practice to use the data in conjunction with other indicators, for example visitor numbers at attractions and accommodation occupancy levels, to provide a better understanding of tourism in Scotland’s regions.

Coherence and Comparability

Note that visitor numbers for regions may add up to more than the national total as the same person may spend nights in more than one location during their visit. For example a visitor to the Highlands may also spend a night in Edinburgh. Numbers of visits therefore cannot be summed across regions.

For expenditure, nights and visits, there is a value that cannot be attributed to any specific council area but which is included in the national total. Thus, the values given for Scotland could differ from the sum of Council Areas.

Due to a change in methodology between 2015 and 2016, pre-2015 and post-2015 data is not directly comparable. For more information please contact

Accessibility and Clarity

More domestic visitor figures can be found on the VisitScotland web page.


GBTS is a survey covering overnight trips taken for any purpose, including holidays, business, or visiting friends and relatives. It measures the volume and value of overnight domestic tourism trips taken by Great Britain residents and provides detailed information about trip and visitor characteristics.

Interviewing is carried out face-to-face every week of the year. Annually, some 100,000 respondents are contacted, and any who have returned from an overnight trip within the past four weeks are asked to describe the details of that trip.

For more information, visit the VisitBritain web page.

Timeliness and Punctuality

This data is updated annually.


This data is not routinely revised. Any revisions in exceptional circumstances will be carried out in accordance with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics.


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