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Pupil Attainment (English and Maths): a data cube slice

Number of pupils who attained gained awards in English and Maths at SCQF Level 3 or above.

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These indicators relate to pupils attending publicly funded secondary schools, it does not include: Pupils attending publicly funded Special Schools; Pupils attending private Independent Schools; Pupils educated outwith the school education system (for example at home) or Adults attending publicly funded secondary schools.

Pupil Numbers The number of pupils on the roll is taken from the September Scottish School Census for the relevant year, which was carried out through the Scottish Exchange of Educational Data (ScotXed) project. The year shown relates to the academic year. More information on the ScotXed project is available on

A range of information was collected for each individual pupil, including the pupil home postcode. This has been used to generate the number of pupils at various levels of geographical aggregation. Results here do not include the few pupils with a missing or invalid postcode. Therefore, the national figures may not be the same as national figures published elsewhere.

Exam Results Data on National Qualifications are obtained from the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) and are post-appeals. These data are linked to the pupil information from the Census using pupil's Scottish Candidate Numbers. For a negligible number of pupils it is not possible to make this link for a variety of reasons. For more information please see the background notes to the publication 'SQA Attainment and School Leaver Qualifications in Scotland', available here:

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This slice of multidimensional data is not a Linked Data resource in the database: it's a virtual resource (i.e. you can't query it by SPARQL). But does have a permanent unique URL which can be bookmarked.