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Neighbourhood safety when walking alone - Scottish Household Survey: a data cube column

How safe adults in Scotland feel when walking alone in their neighbourhood after dark, from the Scottish Household Survey (SHS)


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September 2020

The Scottish Household Survey (SHS) asks adults how safe they feel walking alone in their neighbourhood after dark. From 2018, this question was asked in every odd year. Prior to 2018 the question was asked every year. The data is reported here on person level and is available by:

• Local Authority

• Gender of the randomly selected adult

• Urban/Rural Classification

• Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation

• Type Of Tenure

• Household Type

• Ethnicity of the randomly selected adult

• Walking distance to nearest green-space.

The most recent annual publication can be accessed at

The full questionnaire for each year can be accessed at:

And the survey data for the full Scottish Household Survey is available from the UK Data Service.


This slice of multidimensional data is not a Linked Data resource in the database: it's a virtual resource (i.e. you can't query it by SPARQL). But does have a permanent unique URL which can be bookmarked.