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Land Area (based on 2011 Data Zones): a data cube slice

Land area in hectares based on aggregating 2011 Data Zone data.

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  1. Count
Reference Period
  1. 2014
Reference Area
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  1. Countries
  2. Council Areas
  3. Scottish Parliamentary Constituencies
  4. Health Board Areas
  5. Electoral Wards
  6. 2011 Intermediate Zones
  7. 2011 Data Zones
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The land area to mean high water excluding areas of inland water, in hectares. It is based on aggregating 2011 Data Zone data. The Data Zone data was created by aggregating National Records of Scotland 2011 Census Output Areas.

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Accuracy and Reliability

These figures are based on aggregating 2011 Data Zone data on a 'best fit' basis. This means that results for higher geographies such as Council Areas are estimates.

Best-fit simply means that when Data Zones are aggregated and assigned to a higher geography, they do not fit exactly into the boundary of the higher geography; instead they form an approximation to the shape of the boundary of the higher geography. For further information on best-fit for geographies, see National Records of Scotland Geography Policy on Best-fit and Exact-fit.

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In February 2019, we updated our methodology for allocating datazones to higher geographies to align with Government Statistical Service Geography Policy. This resulted in revisions to some aggregated figures at Scottish Parliament Constituency level.


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