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Exports by Industry: a data cube spreadsheet

Scottish international exports and Scottish exports to the rest of the UK broken down by industry sector.

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The Scottish Government produces a National Statistics publication, Export Statistics Scotland, which estimates the nominal value of Scottish exports (excluding oil and gas) at sector level. It includes estimates for goods and service exports and is the only source of estimates for exports from Scotland to the rest of the UK.

Confidentiality Policy

Company specific details and any data from which it might be possible to identify individual companies will not be published.

Quality Management

Following the collection of data on exports, the data are cleaned and quality assured by Scottish Government statisticians. Outputs are subject to rigorous quality assurance and where possible other sources are used to review figures.

Accuracy and Reliability

Export Statistics Scotland is a National Statistic, certified by the UK Statistics Authority as compliant with its Code of Practice for Official Statistics. The code of practice is available here.

Coherence and Comparability

There is no UK survey which compares exactly with Export Statistics Scotland. Section 8 of the publication provides charts and commentary comparing Export Statistics Scotland export estimates with other UK and Scottish sources. Total exports for the UK which combine HMRC Overseas Trade Statistics and the UK International Trade in Services are published by ONS:

Accessibility and Clarity

These statistics are published in the Export Statistics Scotland National Statistics publication. The data is published in Excel format and is also available as a PDF with accompanying commentary, available here.


The data are of interest to government policy makers, politicians, the business community, economic commentators, academics and members of the general public with an interest in the Scottish economy.

The international exports estimates are used in National Indicator to “Increase exports”. Further information on this can be found on the Scotland Performs website:

Timeliness and Punctuality

The publication is normally released in January in each year. However the ESS 2019 publication was delayed due to the postponement of the 2019 Global Connections Survey (GCS), which is one of the key sources for this data. This was done in recognition of the challenges and pressures faced by businesses in dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic and preparing for EU exit. The 2019 publication was published in October 2021 and we hope to bring the 2020 publication closer to the original timeline.


Estimates for previous years are revised from those published in the previous year and are largely due to new information being provided by companies. The most recent results are provisional, and are likely to be revised in the future when improved information becomes available.


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