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Places in Care Homes with En-Suite Facilities: a data cube slice

Percentage of places in Care Homes which have ensuite facilities

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Measure Type
  1. Ratio
Reference Period
  1. 2003
  2. 2004
  3. 2005
Type Of Care Home
  1. Adults With Learning Disabilities
  2. Adults With Mental Health Problems
  3. Adults With Physical Disabilities
  4. Older People
  5. Other Client Groups
Reference Area
(showing types of area available in these data)
  1. Countries
  2. Council Areas
  3. Scottish Parliamentary Constituencies
  4. Health Board Areas
  5. Electoral Wards
  6. Community Health Partnerships
  7. 2001 Intermediate Zones
  8. 2001 Data Zones
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About the Dataset
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Please note that this indicator has been discontinued and the information is no longer presented

This dataset provides information about the percentage of people aged 65 who are receiving intensive home care support, as proportion of all older people that are receiving long term care regardless of the setting.

People aged 65+ with high levels of care needs is defined as people aged 65+ who are:

  • Receiving 10+ hours of home care (purchased or provided by a local authority)
  • Resident in a Care Home
  • Resident long-term in hospital (NHS)

The data was used to measure a previous Scotland Perform’s National Indicator to [‘increase the percentage of people aged 65 and over with high levels of care needs who are cared for at home] This indicator reflects the priority of shifting the balance of care from acute to community and home settings where possible and appropriate.

Please note that this indicator has been discontinued and the information is no longer presented; data is only available between 2002/03 and 2010/11

Confidentiality Policy
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Quality Management
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Accuracy and Reliability
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Coherence and Comparability
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Accessibility and Clarity
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Timeliness and Punctuality
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Dimension Locked Value
Type Of Care Home
Adults With Mental Health Problems
Reference Area
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Reference Period
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Measure Type
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