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[this is a resource] A resource in the dataset Education establishments.

Greenwards Primary School

RDF Resource

This is a Linked Data resource, but we don't visualise this kind of data at the moment. You can explore the RDF for more details: see the API tab.


This is a linked data resource: it has a permanent unique uri at which both humans and machines can find it on the Internet, and which can be used an identifier in queries on our SPARQL endpoint.
All metadata
In Graph
Centre Type
Local authority
321208 xsd:integer
Has Department
Greenwards Primary School, primary
In establishment group
Label rdfs:label
Greenwards Primary School xsd:string
5.763759159906751E1 xsd:double
-3.321355619461508E0 xsd:double
861622 xsd:integer
Open Date
August 31, 1977 00:00 xsd:dateTime
School SEED Code
5209927 xsd:integer
Type rdf:type
Educational Establishment
Machine-readable formats

In addition to this bookmarkable html page, this metadata about this linked data resource is also available for our robot customers in the following machine-readable formats. Please refer to the API documentation for more details.

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