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Industry Sector (SIC 07)

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All (Sections A to S (as covered by ABS))
Arts, Entertainment and Recreation (Section R)
Information and Communication (Section J)
Wholesale, Retail and Repairs (Section G)
Real Estate Activities (Section L)
Administrative and Support Services (Section N)
Other Service Activities (Section S)
Education, Health & Social Work (Sections PQ (part))
Professional, Scientific & Technical (Section M)
Manufacturing (Section C)
Transport and Storage (Section H)
Construction (Section F)
Accommodation and Food Services (Section I)
Education, Health & Social Work (Sections PQ)
All (Sections A to S)
Financial and Insurance (Section K)
Non-Manufacturing Production (Sections ABDE)
Mining and quarrying (Section B)
Health & Social Work (Section Q)
Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing (Section A)
Education (Section P)
Public Administration and Defence (Section O)
Mining and quarrying, utilities (Sections BDE)
Arts and other service activities (Sections RS)
Coke, Refined Petroleum Products, Chemicals and Chemical Products (Section CD,CE)
Transportation and Storage (Section H)
Mining & Quarrying (Section B)
Furniture, Other Manufacturing; Repair and Installation of Machinery and Equipment (Section CM)
Total Manufacturing
Food Products, Beverages and Tobacco Products (Section CA)
Utilities (Section D,E)
Total Services
Electrical Equipment (Section CJ)
Wood and Paper Products, and Printing (Section CC)
Rubber, Plastic and Other Non-Metallic Mineral Products (Section CG)
Transport Equipment (Section CL)
Basic Metals and Fabricated Metal Products, Except Machinery (Section CH)
Basic Pharmaceuticals and Their Products (Section CF)
Computer, Electronic and Optical Products (Section CI)
Other Services (Section (Q-U)
Machinery and Equipment N.E.C. (Section CK)
Textiles, Wearing Apparel and Leather (Section CB)
Transport and Storage, Information and Communication (Sections H -J)
Financial, Insurance and Real Estate (Sections K - L)
Business Services and Finance (Section K-N)
Transport, Storage and Communication (Section H,J)
Total Gross Value Added (GVA) (Section A-T)
Production (Section B-E)
Services (Section G-T)
Government and Other Services (Section O-T)
Water Supply and Sewerage (Section E)
Distribution, Hotels and Restaurants (Section G,I)
Electricity, Gas, Steam and Air (Section D)
Non-Manufacturing Production (Sections A(part)BDE)
Water Supply and Sewarage (Section E)
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Industry Sector (SIC 07) xsd:string
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Concept Scheme
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